As we begin this school year together at St. Gabriel, we look forward to working together with our school community. Together, let’s CARE more than others think necessary. TRUST more than others think wise. SERVE more than others think practical. In doing so, with God’s blessings, our most precious gifts, our children, will grow to be the best they can be.

A heartfelt thank you to our St. Gabriel families for your support, patience and flexibility as we restructured some classes due to our increase in enrolment. We have an amazing, dedicated staff – all of whom we are blessed to have at St. Gab’s. All phone calls are complete in regards to classroom moves; if you did not receive a call, your child has not been moved to a new class.

We look forward to growing and continuing to create awesome memories of St. Gabriel School, as we celebrate Year #6 as a Catholic School Community, “Home of the Wings.”

St. Gabriel Staff

Early Years Team: Mrs. Craig, Mrs. Procunier, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Amaral, Mrs. Carrasco, Mrs. Sousa, Miss Zhang,  Mrs. Suvarna

Primary Division: Mrs. Chevalier, Mrs. Mendonca, Miss Senger in for Mrs. Halladay  who returns Nov. 11, Mrs. Toschkoff, Mrs. Castillo, Mrs. Barry, Mr. Burton

Junior Division: Mrs. Israel, Ms. Gallo, Miss Sammut in for Mrs. Godos who returns in March, Mrs. Laverty, Miss King in for Mrs. Savva  who returns Nov. 25

Intermediate Division: Mrs. Esmaili, Mr. Lacasse, Mrs. Wade

FSL: Mme. Belanger

Planning Time: Mrs. Paleczny, Mrs. Poje-Fascinato

Itinerant Music: Mr. O’Brien and Mr. Radu

Special Education: Mrs. Paolo

Educational Assistants/Support Team: Ms. Bell, Mrs. Brenes, Mrs. Faria, Mrs. Houghton, Mrs. Kovac, Mrs. Murphy, Ms. Resendes, Ms. Rossiter, Mr. Villeneuve

CYW: Mr. Quintano

School Social Worker: Mrs. Grosz

Parish Priest: Father Love (St. Mary’s Parish on Cooper)

LHS: Mrs. Figueiredo, Mrs. Florian

Extended Day Team: Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Sousa, Mrs. Carrasco

Library Technician: Ms. Simon

Administrative Assistant: Mrs. Keias

Custodial Team: Mr. Aguiar and Mrs. Oliveira

Principal: Mrs. Bumbacco Sodaro