We are looking for volunteers to donate their time at The Cambridge Bingo Centre (255 Elgin St N, Cambridge).  We have 13 volunteers already and are looking to recruit more.

Below are the requirements for volunteers:

· Approx. 10 assignments a year with opportunities to pick up more
· Each assignment is covered by 2 Volunteers
· Volunteers must attend a Training/Orientation Session
· Duration of the Assignment is 2.5 hours
· If both Volunteers fulfill their responsibilities than the organization receives an assignment share. Responsibilities include Calling Back Bingos, Keeping the Environment Clean, Providing Customer Service, Being Knowledgeable of what the proceeds are being used for – There is no selling, handling of money

Please feel free to contact Sonia if you’re interested in helping or have further questions: soniaf321@gmail.com

Your consideration is appreciated.