As People of Faith, we are fully aware of the many things that make our school special.  “From the fullness of his grace, we have received one blessing after another” (John 1:16 NIV). Our dedicated staff strives for excellence, as they guide our students, from JK/SK to Grade 8, to not only achieve the expectations as outlined in the Ontario Ministry documents, but to also guide them in their faith journey.

We are blessed by the many gifts of our talented students. The St. Gabriel Spirit is apparent as our students participate in liturgical celebrations and become involved in co-curricular initiatives. We are proud of their efforts as they work to achieve the expectations and model the Image of Jesus. Our students are offered many opportunities to grow as a Catholic school community through sports teams and leading of opening morning prayers and celebrations Our students demonstrate the call to service through their many acts of kindness, showing their genuine concern for others.

We are part of the St. Mary of the Visitation Parish. Through the spiritual guidance of Father Love, our students have many opportunities to continue to grow as faithful disciples of Jesus. There are masses and other liturgical celebrations held throughout the year, and parents/guardians and other family members are always welcome to join us.

Our parents/guardians generously give up their time to our school community throughout the year. This is evident through their active participation on School Council. Our parents/guardians assist on class excursions, volunteer as classroom helpers, and are an integral part of our fundraisers. They make a positive difference in the lives of our students, our learning community.

At St. Gabriel, our focus continues to be “making R.O.K. Solid Choices by showing RESPECT, keeping Hands OFF and being KIND in our actions and words.”

St. Gabriel Catholic School is a dynamic place to be. As you peruse our website, we trust that you will see how dynamic it is. We have so much to be thankful for…our staff, students, parents/guardians, generous volunteers, and parish team.

We look forward to continual academic, spiritual, and social growth, as we work together as a Catholic school community. Together, let’s CARE more than others think necessary. TRUST more than others think wise. SERVE more than others think practical. In doing so, with God’s blessings, our most precious gifts, our children will grow to be the best they can be.



R. Bumbacco Sodaro, Principal