We are an autumn people. We are always called to be in the process of growing and changing. May our minds and hearts be open to this inner season, which is a part of us. May we trust you, Autumn God, who calls us to grow. (Out of the Ordinary, J.Rupp)

Thank you to our families who generously contributed to our Thanksgiving Food Drive for the St. Vincent de Paul Society and to the Terry Fox donations. As a school community we raised $762.00 as collected via School Cash on Line and direct donations to the Terry Fox Foundation on behalf of our school.

Our Halloween Dance A-thon is well under way. We look forward to a thrilling Halloween. Can’t wait to see all the dancing in the gym. Get your ‘dancing shoes’ ready, St. Gab’s.

Thank you to the many parents/guardians for their ongoing support with our parking lot. The safety of our students is paramount; thank you for supporting us and respecting the pylons.

Many blessings in this season of Thanksgiving to our St. Gabriel Families.

Attendance: It is very important that if your child(ren) is ill, has a medical appointment, or will be late for any reason, that you contact the school with the necessary information: full name and grade, teacher’s name, and reason your child(ren) will be absent. Our school answering machine is in service 24 hours a day. Please note that we must receive a call from a parent or caregiver. If your child(ren) does not arrive at school, and you have not contacted us, we will attempt to contact you at home or at your place of work. Please keep us updated on current and active phone numbers.

Concussion:A concussion is a type of brain injury that is caused by a bump, blow or jolt to the head. Concussions can also be caused from a fall or blow to the body. It is extremely important to seek medical attention if signs or symptoms of a concussion are present: ringing in ears, headache, fatigue, irritability, vision imbalance, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, nausea, vomiting. For more information on concussion and injury prevention, please visit, www.ontario.ca/concussions.

If a student happens to get a bump, blow or jolt to the head at school, a phone call will be made to parents/guardians to determine one of the response options:

  • Come to the school and assess student
  • Pick up student
  • Provide permission for student to remain at school

A copy of the Symptoms/Sign form and Parent Handout will be sent home to all students if there is a bump, blow or jolt to the head while at school.

Waterloo Catholic Communication Guidelines for Parents/Guardians

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board has established communication guidelines for parents/guardians and staff. Parents/guardians are requested to follow the steps noted below to ensure prompt and efficient resolution to their questions or possible concerns. At St. Gabriel School, we encourage a cooperative, constructive, and respectful approach in resolving concerns with students and adults.

Step One:  Speak with the Teacher / Staff Member. Issue Resolved. If issue is not resolved, proceed to Step Two.

Step Two: Speak with the Principal. If you have not spoken to the Teacher / Staff member directly, the principal will ask you to do so. Should you not wish to do so, the principal will involve the teacher in a three-way discussion. The principal may request, at any time in the process, that you put your concerns in writing. The principal may involve, at any time in the process, others whom may be helpful in resolving the issue of concern; supports from the school board, employee group representatives, the local parish, and community agencies.

Step Three:  Contact Supervisory Officer, Richard Olson.

The Role of Trustees: Parents/Guardians may contact any trustee at any time. The trustee will assist the complainant in following the process outlined above.

The Role of the School Council: The School Council is not a forum to discuss parent-teacher-student issues. If these matters are brought to any School Council member or any School Council meeting, the concern is to be referred immediately to the principal who will ensure the proper process is followed. For all other school-related concerns and/or suggestions that do not involve taking the matter up first with a staff member, the communication should be directed to the school principal.