Hard Candy Collection, Nov. 1st to 6th

Canadian Food for Children is a registered Canadian Charity who gathers food and supplies to send to the poor throughout the world.

We will be collecting any hard-wrapped Halloween Candy that families would like to donate.

Parent Teacher Interviews Nov. 7

The form for Parent/Teacher Interviews has been sent home to the youngest. Please complete the form indicating the preference of time for an interview and return to your child’s teacher – 1 per family –

October News

We are an autumn people. We are always called to be in the process of growing and changing. May our minds and hearts be open to this inner season, which is a part of us.

Dance A-thon 2019….Pledges and Prizes

This weekend is a great opportunity to start to gather your pledges for our Halloween Dance-a-thon! 

Ask your parents, ask your grandparents, ask your aunts and uncles to help support making our school great!

For every $5

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