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June Newsletter

St. Gabriel Newsletter June 2018

Lord God,

We put ourselves into Your hands, and pray that You will bless us and our families during the wonderful months of summer.

May we all help make our home a place of relaxation, joy, love, peace and safety.

May we be generous and considerate, not thinking only about ourselves, but helping others enjoy the blessings of summertime.

May we stay close to you each Sunday and walk with you each day.

We ask this through Jesus Christ, our Lord.



 From the Principal’s Desk-

 St. Gabriel School Community,

June is a very busy month and a time to celebrate the great accomplishments of our students both academically and in their extra-curricular activities. Teachers are diligently completing final assessments and term 2 Report Cards. Report Cards will be sent home on Tuesday June 26th.

June is a time to reflect on what a great year this has been, and how much  the students have grown since the year began in September!

If your child or children are not returning to St. Gabriel in September 2018, please call the office or send a written note to the classroom teacher!

We need your help! Please review the student agenda pages related to use of phones/ iPhones at school. Also, please review and talk to your child(ren) about acceptable clothing and attire during the last month.

Please continue to watch for messages and reminders on school Newswire and individual calls, Dojos and messages throughout June.

Please regularly review the school calendar on our website for dates of important activities!

Mr. J. Schnarr



June 2018

It seems as if I wrote the introductory message for the school newsletter only yesterday, and yet, nine months have passed, and here we are entering June and with it the end of the School Year. Time passes quickly, and yet the blessings can speed by just as quickly if we don’t take the time to reflect upon them with gentleness and joy. As this school year comes to an end – who do you wish to thank for the blessing which have been part of this time?

Certainly our teachers and support staff at the school are on the list; their dedication in and outside the classrooms of our parish school are invaluable and have helped each of the children grow. Our thanks go to our principal and administrative staff for the leadership they have given which have opened many doors of opportunity. Our school councils and volunteer parents get kudos for sure, they have added so much to the lives of our children. The children themselves, who have striven all year to do the right thing and to learn from the moments when they have not, deserve a pat on the back with a moments doubt. The list is endless, and certainly personal. Can I add one however that sometimes gets forgotten; Our Heavenly Father.

In each passing day, in every lesson, in all sadness and success – He has been there. Not just watching the time, but watching over it. Our Heavenly Father has been that Guest who has gently lead us thru the passages of time this year – for surely we did not do it alone.

As we enter the summer months don’t forget to make time for Him. To thank Him for the blessings and for the time we have. Sundays continue to be the Lord’s Day, in which we honour the Lord and also seek His help and protection. It is in being nourished by a community of prayer that we find the strength to climb the hills and walk the paths that the times of life bring.

May the Blessings of the Lord truly be ones we rejoice in as we come to the conclusion of  this time called our school year, and may they also be the ones we seek as we begin the time of these coming summer months together.

Father F. Freitas

 Catholic Virtues

Each month we have a Recognition Assembly to celebrate the Virtue of the Month. Each class will also present the next month’s virtue, so classes can refer to it on a regular basis. At our assembly individual students from each class are recognized for modelling the characteristics of:

June: Faithfulness—Thursday June 7th at 2:30 p.m.


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 The Ketogenic Diet | What’s the hype?

Amy Skeoch MHSc, RD

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of information floating around about eating “Keto”…..which is short form for Ketogenic. While many people think of this as a fad diet, the Ketogenic diet is actually a medically therapeutic diet used predominantly in children to reduce epileptic seizures.  In such instances this diet should be closely monitored by a medical team.

For the general population, this type of diet has gained popularity as a “kick start” to weight loss.  Let’s have a look at what the diet is all about, and why it seems to be a new popular go to for weight loss.

When we eat carbohydrates (breads, fruit, vegetables) they get broken down into glucose.  Our brains rely on the glucose for energy to be able to think, walk, talk and function. If carbohydrates are not available, our bodies start to breakdown protein and fat for energy.  When fat is broken down, something called “ketones” are produced and used by our brains as a source of energy.  Long term this diet is not ideal.  It’s very restrictive in nature removing many nutrient rich food sources that contribute to our health (fruits, whole grains).

Basically, the ketogenic diet is a high fat, very-low carbohydrate diet, similar to the Atkins diet that was popular in the early 2000’s, but a more extreme version.  Most low carbohydrate diets involve reducing one’s overall caloric intake, which would naturally result in weight loss.


Basic Macronutrients Balanced Diet

(% of energy)

Ketogenic diet

(% of energy)

Fat 20-35 70-80
Protein 10-35 20-25
Carbohydrate 45-65 5-10

Although it appears that short term weight loss may occur, studies that look at sustained weight loss do not look as favorable.

Like any type of diet that strays from a balanced energy distribution, once you stop the diet most of the weight that was lost will return.  This is why making small lifestyle changes to your diet is much more sustainable long term rather following short-term fad diets like the “keto” diet.