A warm welcome back to all of our families within the St. Gabriel School Community. We certainly hope that the Christmas season was one filled with memorable moments and wonderful blessings.

As we begin another year, 2019,  let us take the time to celebrate, and remember to be grateful for our many blessings, reflect on what was good during the past year, perhaps what was not so good, and what we may want to do differently in this New Year.  During the month of January, we are called to reflect on the Baptism of Jesus and our own Baptism. Just like John the Baptist, we can know Jesus is our Lord.

PA Day:  Friday, January 25th is a PA Day. There will not be any classes for students on this day.

Outdoor Wear: Students are reminded to wear their coats when outside. If parents/guardians could kindly reiterate this message at home that would be appreciated.

Inclement Weather:  In the event of very inclement weather, the Board may cancel school for the day.  This decision will be announced on local radio stations, and notices affecting bus cancellations will be given between 6:45 A.M. and 8:30 A.M. Please listen to CHYM FM 96.7, Dave FM 107.5 or Oldies 1090 AM, KOOL FM 105.3, CKCO TV CHANNEL 12 for a decision about bus cancellation or school closure from the Waterloo Catholic District School Board. Also visit the board website: www.wcdsb.ca or check out our board Twitter account: @WCDSBNewswire. Information is also communicated on the Transportation website: www.stswr.ca.

If school buses are cancelled in the morning due to inclement weather, they are cancelled all day and will not pick up students who found other means of transportation to arrive at school. Please note that transportation cancellations do not automatically mean schools are closed.

If school is to be closed during the day, students will not be dismissed until 11.55 A.M. for morning closure or at the regular 3:40 P.M. dismissal.  Students will be dismissed according to the request identified by parent/guardians earlier this year.

Parents/guardians are the primary decision-makers regarding the safety of their child(ren). Although the schools are open and buses are running, if parents/guardians feel that conditions are not appropriate for their child(ren) to attend school, they have the right to keep their child(ren)

Attendance: It is very important that if your child(ren) is ill, has a medical appointment, or will be late for any reason, that you contact the school with the necessary information:  full name and grade, teacher’s name, and reason your child(ren) will be absent. Our school answering machine is in service 24 hours a day. Please note that we must receive a call from a parent or caregiver. If your child(ren) does not arrive at school, and you have not contacted us, we will attempt to contact you at home or at your place of work. Please keep us updated on current and active phone numbers.