We look forward to our St. Gabriel Dance A-thon on Wednesday, Oct. 31st. Thank you to School Council for their organization of this event, and to families who have generously donated items for prizes. If you wish to donate prizes for our Dance A-thon, please drop them off at the main office with your family name on them.

For students wearing costumes, please note that the school will not be responsible for lost or damaged costumes; students will be required to take responsibility for their costumes.

Students are to wear non-violent costumes/clothing. Please ensure that your child’s costume/clothing is appropriate for school. Students will be asked to change out of costumes/clothing that are considered violent or inappropriate (bloody, suggestive).

For students who do not wish to wear costumes, perhaps they can wear black and orange for a Halloween colour theme on this day.

We will begin our morning in the gym to showcase our costumes in the form of a parade followed by the Dance A-thon. Our Early Years Division will dance first in the morning followed by the Primary Division. After lunch our intermediate division will take part in the Dance A-thon, and then after last recess, our Junior Division.

We look forward to celebrating a thrilling Halloween and showing our school spirit.

Happy Halloween!