Please keep our grade 3 and 6 students in your thoughts as they participate in the EQAO testing at the end of this month and beginning of next month (May 21st to June 3rd ). We are very proud of all of their work in preparation for this provincial assessment. This assessment provides the opportunity for our students to demonstrate their skills and knowledge of reading, writing and mathematics. Test booklets and examples of student answers from the past five years are available at There is also a parent resource section for your perusal on EQAO website.

An Example of a Grade 3 EQAO Math Question:

Look at the two pattern rules below. Start at 1 and add 3 each time. Start at 1 and add 4 each time. Which of these numbers is in both patterns?

  1. 4
  2. 5
  3. 9
  4. 13

An Example of a Grade 6 EQAO Math Question:

Which of the following fractions has the smallest value?

  1. 4/5
  2. 4/4
  3. 4/3
  4. 4/2