Test booklets and examples of student answers from the past five years are available at www.eqao.com. There is also a parent resource section for your perusal on the EQAO website.

Grade 3 EQAO Question

Kathy and Michael go to a craft store to buy paint and brushes. One bottle of paint costs $5.00, and 1 brush costs $3.00. Kathy buys 1 bottle of paint and 4 brushes. Michael buys 2 bottles of paint and 1 brush. How much more money does Kathy spend than Michael? Show your work.

Grade 6 EQAO Question

A grade 6 class is having a healthy eating fundraiser. A class buys 4 bags of oranges. Each bag has 16 oranges. The total cost for the 4 bags of oranges is $26.24. The class sells the oranges at $0.88 each. How much money will the class gain per orange? Show your work.