Test booklets and examples of student answers from the past five years are available at www.eqao.com. There is also a parent resource section for your perusal on the EQAO website.

An example of a Grade 3 EQAO Question:

Noah practices soccer for a total of 2 hours each week. Which of the following shows the number of minutes Noah practices soccer each week?

a) 12 + 12

b) 24 + 24

c) 60 + 60

d) 100 + 100

An example of a Grade 6 EQAO Question:

Wasim’s hair grows 0.4cm each week. At this rate, which is closest to the increase in length of Wasim’s hair over 3 months if it is not cut?

a) 1 cm

b) 5 cm

c) 8 cm

d) 12 cm