Monthly Archives: August 2019

Open House and BBQ, Sept. 18

Thank you to Sonia Fonseca for organizing our Open House BBQ that will take place on Sept. 18th from 5:30 to 7:00. Orders will be uploaded via Cash on Line the week of Sept. 3rd. Please watch carefully for the end date of orders to be placed. This is time sensitive due to the orders to be forwarded to Strodes.


Nutrition for Learning

Thank you to Mark Heinemann for his continued role as our St. Gabriel Nutrition for Learning Coordinator. There will be information about our Nutrition for Learning Program in the envelope that will be going home the week of Sept. 3.  If you wish to volunteer, please return the form to the main office to be past onto Mark. If you wish for your child to not participate in the weekly nutritious program, please return its form.


Pizza and Special Lunches

Special thank you to Jennifer Brunskill and Becky Logel for their leadership this year with our Pizza Lunch on Wednesdays and Special Lunch Fridays. This will begin in October, and all orders will be via Cash on Line.


Student Verification Form

Students will receive a hard copy of their “Student Verification Form” in an envelope from the school office the week of Sept. 3rd. Parents/Guardians are asked to kindly review the information on this form so that all is accurate. Please sign and date, and return to school in the envelope. Any changes noted on the return form, will be revised in our Trillium data base.

As contact numbers change over the year, please inform the school office so that our information collected is current and up to date.


School Start Up Forms

Our School Start Up Forms for 2019-2020 will be completed via School Cash on Line (as per Board directive). The week of Sept. 3rd, the Start Up Forms will be uploaded onto School Cash on Line. They will include the following:

School Advisory Council

Critical Medical

Lunch Arrangements

Emergency Dismissal

Student Image, Video or Voice Recording

Informed consent/permission for education trips (for walking trips)

Student Personal Information, Collection/Use/Disclosure Notice (Read ONLY)

Fair Notice Pamphlet (Read ONLY)

Use of Technology Grades 4-8 – only Grade 4’s to receive (Grade 5 to 8 already have)

Use of Technology JK – Grade 3 – only JK to receive (SK to Grade 3 already have)

Do Not Ride Form

Intramural Form

The cost of Agendas for Grades 2 to 8 will be $6.50 and this will also be uploaded onto School Cash on Line as well.




Thank You

Special thank you is extended to Mr. Aguiar, Mrs. Oliveira and Mrs. Keais for their dedication in preparing our school for our 2019-2020 school year. We appreciate all that they do for us as we get ready for Year #6.


First Day of School, Sept 3

Happy First Day of School on Sept. 3rd. At the 9:10 entry bell, we will gather into the gym for a welcome, introductions, and class lists. We look forward to another school year, our 6th year. We welcome Father Love to St. Gabriel and look forward to working with him as we continue to grow in faith and journey together.



Our upcoming school year, 2019-2020 is soon to be starting. If you have moved into our school boundary or are moving away, and have not yet informed the office, kindly do so. For families moving in, welcome to our dynamic school community. For families leaving, continued blessings and best wishes.