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Early Years Registration

Our Early Years Registrations are Mon Feb. 4 and Tues. Feb. 5. If you have not yet called to book an appointment with Mrs. Charlton, please contact the school office: 519-658-2008.



EQAO Math Questions


Test booklets and examples of student answers from the past five years are available at There is also a parent resource section for your perusal on the EQAO website. Our Grade 3 and Grade 6 students will complete the EQAO assessment, May 21 to June 3.

An example of a Grade 3 Math Question

Which list shows the lengths from shortest to longest?

  1. a) 2m; 50m; 300 cm
  2. b) 50 m; 300cm; 2m
  3. c) 300cm; 50m; 2m
  4. d) 2m; 300cm; 50m

An example of a Grade 6 Math Question

If n x 3=24 and n + 40 – s=36, what is the value of s?

  1. a) 8
  2. b) 10
  3. c) 12
  4. d) 14

February News

Family Day Holiday: Monday, February 18

A reminder to parents/guardians that Mon. Feb. 18 is a Family Day Holiday. The school will be closed on this day.

Report Cards

Report Cards are distributed on Thursday, February 14th to all JK/SK to Grade 8 students. Kindly ensure that the tear-off section of the report card is signed, and returned to your child’s classroom teacher with the envelope. Please note that interviews are welcome at any time throughout the school year to discuss progress, next steps and celebrate student achievement. If you wish to have an interview with your child’s teacher(s), please indicate your request on the report card on the parent/guardian signature page.

Inclement Weather

In the event of very inclement weather, the Board may cancel school for the day. This decision will be announced on local radio stations, and notices affecting bus cancellations will be given between 6:45 A.M. and 8:30 A.M. Please listen to CHYM FM 96.7, Dave FM 107.5 or Oldies 1090 AM, KOOL FM 105.3, CKCO TV CHANNEL 12 for a decision about bus cancellation or school closure from the Waterloo Catholic District School Board. Also visit the board website: If school buses are cancelled in the morning due to inclement weather, they are cancelled all day and will not pick up students who found other means of transportation to arrive at school.

Parents/guardians are the primary decision-makers regarding the safety of their child(ren). Although schools are open and buses are running, if parents/guardians feel that conditions are not appropriate for their child(ren) to attend school, they have the right to keep their child(ren) at home.

Outdoor Wear

Students are reminded to wear their coats when outside. If parents/guardians could kindly reiterate this message at home that would be appreciated.

Check in at Office Upon Entry

We respectfully ask that parents/guardians check-in at the office upon entry into the school regardless of the reason for the visit (drop off an item/lunch; speak to a staff member; escort child to class). We have a check in/sign in policy for the safety of all students and staff. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Photographs and Digital Memories

Parents/guardians are asked to be mindful when taking photos and/or videos of their children during school related events (ie. assemblies, sports). As we are part of the digital age, we ask that photos and/or video clips not be posted on the internet (You Tube, Instagram) out of respect and privacy of other families within our school community.


­­­Our Catholic schools…heart of the community, success for each, a place for all.

The call of the Waterloo Catholic District School Board is to educate and to nurture

hope in every learner to achieve their full potential to transform God’s world.





Thank You St. Gabriel Coaches

A huge thank you to our Volleyball and Basketball Coaches: Mrs. Wade, Mr. Beamer, Mr. Lacasse and Mrs. Ryan. We thank our two parent volunteers, Mr. Beamer and Mrs. Ryan, for sharing their time and coaching skills with the teams. Together we ‘rock’. Go Wings Go!


Grade 8 Meeting at St. Benedict’s, Feb. 5th

Parents/Guardians of Grade 8’s, join the St. Benedict School Team for a Pathways Presentation on Feb. 5 from 6:30-7:30 at St. Benny’s. Come on out to the “Making the Transition to High School Presentation”.  Topics to include: What to Expect in High School,  Course Selection,  Review of Academic & Pathway Career Planning, Resources and Supports. Bring along any questions you may have.




Thank You

Thank you to our parent volunteers for their support of our “Pizza Wednesdays.” Their helping hands are most appreciated at St. Gabriel: Mrs. Jacques, Mr. Heinemann, Mrs. O’Carroll, Mrs. Armstrong, Mrs. Mifsud, and Mrs. Aguirre. We appreciate YOU!


Wear Blue on Wednesday

On Wednesday our school community is invited to wear BLUE. Wednesday is “Bell Let’s Talk Day”. Let’s wear BLUE to show that St. Gabriel School is a community that is supportive to anyone who needs a friend and to show, “we’ve got your back.”

We all have our own Mental Health, and our job is to make sure that we take care of it so we all have Mental Wellness. How can you stay well? The best way is to talk about how we feel when some things don’t seem to be going well for us. Who has your back at St. Gabriel? Find someone you can talk to, or be that person for someone else.

Wear BLUE on Wednesday.


Early Years Registrations

Our Early Years Registrations for students within our St. Gabriel Boundary are being held on Feb. 4th and Feb. 5th. If you have not yet called the school office to book your appointment to register your child for Sept. 2019, please call: 519-658-2008.


Computer Workshop, Feb. 7

Reminder to Parents/Guardians about our Parent Computer Workshop on Feb. 7th led by Mrs. Laverty. Please bring your own devices to log into for the session. School computers are unavailable for this workshop as parents/guardians do not have school logins. The workshop begins at 5:00 pm in our school library.