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Merry Christmas

To our St. Gabriel School Community,

Merry Christmas. May this Christmas Season shine bright in all that you do, and may it be one filled with much joy.

Blessings to All.




Thank You School Council

A heartfelt thanks to an amazing, dedicated School Council for all of their work with our Family Turkey Dinner to celebrate the Spirit of Christmas as a school community. Thank you to Mrs. Fonseca, Mrs. Eggleton, Mr. Were, Mrs. VanBuskirk, Mrs. DaCunha, Mrs. Laverty, Mr. Heinemann and, Keil and Veronika Heinemann. Thank you to Ms. Sammut for leading Grace and to Mrs. Wade and Mrs. Mascarenhas and the St. Gabriel School Choir for a beautiful musical performance. Thank you to our School Board Trustees in attendance: Mr. Conway, Mrs. Price, Mr. Schmalz and Mr. DaSilva. Thank you to The Lunch Lady for catering the meal for us. We have a lot to celebrate and are so very blessed to have such a remarkable School Council. St. Gabriel School, Home of the Wings – a great place to be.


Thank You

To our amazing and talented St. Gabriel students, thank you for shining your light so bright as you entertained a gymnasium filled with families. Our Christmas Concert 2018 showcased the talents of our students led by our very talented staff. Special thank you to Mrs. Paleczny, Mrs. Poje Fascinato, Mrs. Mascarenhas for bringing the Arts alive at St. Gabriel through their leadership; to Madame Belanger for the performances in French; to Mr. Heinemann and Mr. Aguiar for their assistance. To the many, many families who took the time to spend the afternoon with us, thank you; to our Director Mrs. Notten and Superintendent Mr. Olson who visited.  Together we make an incredible Catholic School Community, and for that, we are truly blessed.


Lost and Found Items

Parents/Guardians, when in the school this week before the Christmas Break, please take a moment to visit our Lost and Found Bin, and claim any items that are yours. Many thanks.


Christmas Concert 2018

A heartfelt thank you to Mrs. Paleczny, Mrs. Poje-Fascinato, Mrs. Mascarenhas, Mr. Aguiar, Mr. Heinemann, and to our very talented St. Gabriel Students. The stage awaits for our 2018 Christmas Concert on Dec. 18th. Looking forward to an incredible afternoon as we celebrate the Christmas Season as a Catholic School Community.


Christmas Week Activites

Next week we have lots of fun activities going on.

Monday, December 17:  week 3 – Advent Celebration @ 9:30.

Tuesday, December 18: Christmas Concert-Parent Show @ 1:15.  As stated in the letter that went home; if you wish to take your child home early, you must go to their classroom and sign them out through their teacher.  Thanks for your co-operation.

Wednesday, December 19: Pyjama Day and Turkey Dinner @ 6 pm hosted by School Council.

Friday, December 21: Wear your favourite Christmas gear OR green and red! 



“Advent increases our hope, a hope which does not disappoint. The Lord never lets us down.” Pope Francis


December News

As the Christmas Season quickly approaches , let us be reminded that before this beautiful celebration, there is a time of preparation. During Advent may we continue to prepare ourselves to receive Jesus more fully in our daily lives and hearts.

Please join us in celebration as we come together as People of Faith during the Advent Season in our gym: Dec. 10th

and Dec. 17th at 9:30.

On behalf of the St. Gabriel Staff, we extend the warmest of wishes to all our families. May everyone experience a peace filled Christmas Season filled with joy.

Professional Activity Day

Friday, Dec. 7th is a PA Day. Staff will be involved in Spiritual Development Activities connected to the Bishop’s Letter, “Renewing the Promise.”

Outdoor Wear

Students are reminded to wear their coats when outside. If parents/guardians could kindly reiterate this message at home that would be appreciated.

Digital Images

Our students and staff enjoy opportunities to share some of the activities with parents/guardians, and the school community through teams, clubs, and special events. Many of these are “memory making” for families and as such photographs are often taken. We ask that families exercise their discretion when taking photographs or videos at school events and consider the privacy of other students who may also be present in those pictures. We would appreciate if families not upload images of students other than their own to the Internet (YouTube, Facebook). Your cooperation is appreciated.


This provincial assessment provides the opportunity for our students in Grade 3 and Grade 6 to demonstrate their skills and knowledge of Reading, Writing and Mathematics. Below are our EQAO scores for the Spring 2018 showing percentage of students at or above the provincial standard (levels 3 and 4).

Grade 3 Reading: 55%; Grade 3 Writing: 58%; Grade 3 Mathematics: 36%

Grade 6 Reading: 82%; Grade 6 Writing: 84%; Grade 6 Mathematics 45%

Student achievement data help us to know what students are learning and to help improve learning for all students. Test booklets and examples of student answers are available at There is also a parent resource section for your perusal on the EQAO website. As a school, we are preparing our students for EQAO by working on questions and mathematical language that align with EQAO. Please see two multiple choice questions from the EQAO website in the area of Mathematics:

An Example of a Multiple Choice Grade 3 Mathematics Question:

A store has 7 tricycles. How many wheels in total are on these 7 tricycles?

-3, 7, 14 or 21

An Example of a Multiple Choice Grade 6 Mathematics Question:

A store sells 12 oranges for $3.96. How much does one orange cost?

-$3.84, $3.03, $0.39, $0.33

School Improvement Plan Focus

At St. Gabriel, we as a staff are focusing on the following question to assist with instruction and assessment practices and opportunities for our students to grow in their learning:

How do we facilitate collaborative teaching to plan engaging learning activities, authentic assessments and moderate student work for students to select strategies, make connections, communicate their understanding with greater proficiency?

In the classroom and when working collaboratively with others, students have the opportunity to discuss misconceptions and next steps for their learning, engage in their learning by making deeper connections (to self, the world), and justify and explain their mathematical processes (problem solving, reasoning, critical thinking). Students work through multi-step and multi-strand inquiry questions. When assessing our students, staff are looking at the process to which the students arrived at their response, and at how the students can explain their thinking.

Our Catholic Schools…heart of the community, success for each, a place for all.

The call of the Waterloo Catholic District School Board is to educate and to nurture

hope in every learner to achieve their full potential to transform God’s world.