St. Gabriel Year End Staffing Update

St. Gabriel School Community

It is with mixed emotions that we announce staffing changes for the 2018-2019 school year at St. Gabriel.  We wish to acknowledge several staff who are moving on to new positions with the WCDSB and/or onto new challenges. We also welcome new staff for September 2018.

Leaving for new positions are: Mrs. Woodworth, Mr. Ali, Mr. Villeneuve, Mrs. DaCosta, Miss Hallman, Mrs. Livingstone, Mrs. Follings and Ms. McIntosh. Best of luck to Mrs. Kuntz and Mrs. Runions as they move to new schools!

We welcome Mrs. Duffield as Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Procunier as Kindergarten teachers, Mrs. Nichols as a Personal Support worker and Mrs. Harrington as our second FSL teacher.

We thank our LTO’s: Mr. Idzikowski, Miss Morris and Mr. Syme and wish them all the best!

We thank our ECE’s: Mrs. Fontes and Mrs. Taylor for their support of our Kindergarten students.

I would like to thank this community for welcoming me and working together to make St. Gabriel a place students want to come to learn, pray and play every day. This is a growing community with endless possibilities.

Due to changing needs in our system, I will be moving to St. Margaret School beginning in September 2018.
St. Gabriel will welcome Mrs. RomaLee Sodaro.

Respectfully Yours,

 Mr. Jodie Schnarr